HEY EVERYONE! Our kickstarter to get our upcoming album pressed on Vinyl and CD is now live, and if you want a copy or you just want to help us out, go to our kickstarter and pledge us some cash so we can print and get you your goodies! THANKS

Check out this saturday’s release! “Any Shore Line” is an ambient and smooth yet glitchy track with a heavy kick. L’amante made it in less than a week and we all love the way it came out. This mix is super-clear too since we have L’amante’s massive new monitors which came in the mail this week.

So, the album has a name now, “Mirage”. Check out the last publicly release single before the album streams July 28th!

Hey everyone! This Saturday our release is a solo track written in a week by Total Hack. Glitch/Noise/Funk/DnB/Dubstep

Hey check out this Saturday’s dubstep song, New Shoes. It’s a typical ESP bass song, always jumping between genres.

So today, Endangered Media Productions released their first album on itunes and spotify, gave their social media platform a total overhaul (hence the brand new tumblr), did a photo shoot and all the editing to make an album cover, sent out a comprehensive craigslist ad, and got a song a lot closer to done for this Saturday’s release in the time in between. Not to mention making a plan to rent an office space and cooking everybody lunch. Plans for some jokes arose, and as usual there are more projects created in a day than people here.

It was crazy and fun. Now we leave you, our as yet nonexistent tumblr audience with a song. It’s an old one from the vault. This was last Saturday’s release from the upcoming ambient album.